20 Essential Travel Items for Women over 40

20 Essential Travel Items for Women over 40

Why do you need this essential list?

I created this list of 20 essential travel items for women over 40 to help make your next trip more comfortable and less tedious. Recommendations for the latest and most innovative travel products to pack for your next trip. Plus… the best travel accessories including, clothes, shoes, electronics and gadgets. Hope it helps!
25 Essential Travel Items for Women over 40 Years Old

10 international flights & a bunch of domestic flights including Hawaii & Alaska have helped me create this list!

My Essential List of Travel Items


1. Global entry or a TSA pre-check card

This is my #1 important essential travel item. Preferably ​Global Entry over TSA Precheck if you are traveling internationally frequently.

In my opinion it is worth getting Global Entry even if you fly only one international flight this year. TSA precheck costs $85 and you get to go through the expedited line. Global entry allows you to go through expedited customs in the U.S. on your return trip. So for an extra $15 you will save yourself the customs process for the next 5 years (when your Global Entry expires). Don’t forget about the “Real ID” license which will be required 10/1/2020 to fly domestically. You can use your Passport in lieu of the i.d., but your license is a lot more convenient to carry.

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Essential Travel Items

Time Shifter App

2. The Time Shifter app

I don’t know about you, but Time Zone changes mess me up. I think age has a bit to do with it, and well …hormones in middle age. Melatonin can be a great aid, but Time Shifter has worked amazingly for me. Basically you start waking up early or later (depending on travel direction) a few days prior, and then the app reminds you when to get or not be exposed to lighting. Lighting is one of the main component of sleep patterns. The app was designed by a professor of medicine and an expert in circadian disorders at Harvard Medical School. The first trip is free, and then there is an annual fee.
Essential Travel Items

Lululemon on the fly pants

3. Lululemon On the fly pants

I love these On the Fly pants! They come in ankle and full length. The nice thing is that Lululemon will hem free. I have a few pair in different colors, and they are my go to flight pants.

​They are more tailored than sweatpants and you’ll use them at your destination as well. They are dry wicking material so they can be hand-washed and hung to dry. I never understood why Lululemon products were so expensive, but they are so worth it for comfort and price per wear. The biggest challenge is to not reach for them everyday.

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20 Essential Travel Items

4. The Solis Hotspot

Essential Travel Items

Solis Skyroam
The Solis Hotspot by Skyroam has become one of my top travel gadgets. I like the Skyroam Solis because it gives you secured wifi in most places all over the world. The company has partnered with service providers in 100s of countries. You pay $10 daily and you can connect up to 5 devices to it. You can share with fellow travelers. However, it does slow it down if you have several attached. I like it because I don’t have to monitor my usage compared to my Verizon International plan.

5. A waterproof fanny pack

Essential Travel Items

Fanny Pack by Hunter
Yes, and my next item is Birkenstock slides..LOL! Fanny packs are the most convenient way to carry my passport, cards, cameral and phone. This Hunter Fanny Pack is adorable and comes in several colors. My favorite is a 66 North Bum Bag from Iceland. It is cushioned and waterproof, but I could not get the link to work. Check it out!
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6. Arizona Birkenstock soft bed slide & Merrell fleece lined slides

Essential Travel Items

Arizona Birkenstock Slides
Essential Travel Items

Merrell Fleece-Lined Clogs
All things 90s are back in style according to my daughter. For you fashion forward peeps, the Birkenstocks and the Merrells were both listed on Urban Outfitters website..so that’s a relief:) I love the Birks for the Summer months and the Merrells for Colder months.

​You can slip them on and off easily at the airport and they are a heck of a lot easier to put back on when you need to use the bathroom on the plane. If you are like me, your feet grow 2 shoe sizes during the flight..ewww..but that’s why I recommend the next product!

7.  Compression sleeves by 2XU

Essential Travel Items

Compression Sleeves
Now we are going into true midlife territory…with compression sleeves! But….these 2XU Compression sleeves come in pink! I like the option to wear comfier socks, so having your foot free is nice. They are a bit pricier than other options, but they come in different sizes, and I find them to be comfortable. They definitely help reduce swelling on long flights, and really any age can benefit from them.
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20 Essential Travel Items

8. Sony A5100 mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses

Essential Travel Items

Sony Mirrorless Camera
I have owned the Sony A5100 for a year and I love it. It is tiny and easy to pack. It is an upgrade from a phone camera in that it has many options for interchangeable lenses. It costs about $550 for the body and the lenses are separate. I use both my iphone and this camera for different reasons.

​I typically keep it set on intelligent auto when I am on adventure trips due to how fast we are moving. But..there is the option to take amazing photos on manual and use a tripod; shooting the Northern Lights, group photos etc.

9. Rovazzo ear plugs & The Calm App

Essential Travel Items

Calm Sleep App
Essential Travel Items

Rovazzo Ear Plugs
These 2 items go together for me. The Calm App is a meditation app, but I primarily use it for the Sleep Stories section. You can dowload the sleep stories for flights. They are calming voices telling stories. My favorite are the travel stories. You will be grateful when you need to drown out the screams of the 2 year old behind you. These Rovazzo Earplugs are highly rated and are only $9.99 on Amazon. I use them on the plane, and in hotels & camping. A great investment.

10. A small travel pillow

Essential Travel Items

Indulgence Travel Pillow
I have tried all types of travel pillows, and this is my favorite. It is inexpensive, so if you forget it at the airport – not a huge loss. There is a separate pillow case that you can purchase, and I place it in a compression sack. I like using this pillow on a window seat against the wall for long flights. I always bring mine along.

11. Packable Osprey 18L rucksack


Packable Rucksack by Osprey
I am unable to pack my day pack with a frame and a padded belt because it takes up too much space. I love this Osprey 18L Rucksack for my adventurous trips where I’ll be doing a lot of day hiking, or just want a more casual look. I can pack it in my larger personal bag and it takes up minimal space. This one is durable and inexpensive.  For my International trips I use the next backpack.

12. Tumi Hudson Backpack

Essential Travel List

Tumi Hudson Backpack for International Travel
This Hudson Backpack is a splurge, but it is a bag I will have forever with its classic detail and quality materials. It has comfortable, streamlined styling, fits my ipad, has a protected card holder pocket, and has the Tumi Tracer feature. You can find a similar and more reasonably priced bag for International travel at stores like Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx.

13. Personal bag with a trolley sleeve by Paravel

Essential Travel Items

Personal Bag with a Trolley Sleeve
 This was a great invention! You know when you have your personal bag sitting on top of your carry on bag and it keeps slipping off? Well the sleeve attaches the bag to your carryon luggage handle. This bag by Paravel works really well. It happens to be one of “Oprah’s favorite things”, so unfortunately it jacks the price up a lot. There is a $15 off coupon pop up during your first visit on the site.

14. Bric Carryon X Collection


21″ Carryon Luggage by Bric
This is from the X Collection by Bric. This X 21″ carry on bag has spinner wheels, and most importantly is super light. Many airlines like Norwegian will check the weight of your carryon for international flights. This bag combined with the trolley sleeve personal bag by Paravel is a great combo. Both are light and offer great space. The soft-sided carryon on is helpful in regards to trunk space in a small European rental car.

15 – 18. Essential toiletries for female midlife travel

Essential Travel Items

Mario Badescu Facial Spray
Essential Travel Items

Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift
Essential Travel Items

Klorane Dry Shampoo
Essential Travel Items

Kiehl’s Lip Balm – Mango
Mario Badescu Fascial Spray is my favorite. It is great in-flight for hydration and a refreshing pick me up. You can also use it as a toner after washing your face. Make sure to order the multi pack. The 2.8 oz for carry on size and the larger ones for home. I discovered Klorane dry shampoo in Italy after forgetting mine. I like that it has very little scent, it is effective and the container is smaller for travel.

The Trish McEvoy instant eye lift is amazing. This highlighter type cover up is perfect for jet lagged eyes. I look tired for a couple of days after arriving in my international destination. This is magic for brightening your eyes and making you look awake. I am a lip balm addict, but you really do need it for long flights. Have this Kiehl’s Mango Lip Balm handy and close by all throughout your flight.

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19. Stainless steel water bottle from Swell

Essential Travel Items

Stainless Steel Water Bottle Hot/Cold
Remember to carry a reusable water bottle. Most importantly for the environment, but also to cut down on purchasing expensive bottled water at the airport. Pack it empty to go through security, and then re-fill at the water stations at the gate area. I like the Swell, because I use it for coffee in the a.m. as well. European hotels typically offer a nice breakfast. Fill up in your bottle and it will stay warm all day!

20. The Lululemon Scuba Hoodie


This hoodie is the perfect lightweight fleece, and looks a bit more tailored than the typical hoodie. I like putting my hoodie over me backwards and covering my face with the hood. Perfect for lights out with my earplugs or calm app playing.

What are some of your “Essential Travel Items”?

I used the term essential because it sounded great in the title:) Do you have some items that you travel with on a regular basis and swear by? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Published by Judy Hughes

I am a small group trip leader for 2 travel clubs. We check out cool and off the beaten path places around the World. Adventure is our specialty. I love to take notes and share the travel tips with you in my blog! Hope you check it out!