5 Bucket List Trips for your 40th Birthday

5 Bucket List Trips for your 40th Birthday

Are you ready to celebrate your 40th birthday in a big way? Do you plan to celebrate this incredible milestone & 40th birthday with an epic trip? Here are five well-planned bucket list trips curated for you!

Happy 40th birthday and welcome to midlife! It’s an awesome time of life. Smarter, wiser and ready to travel the World?

Here are 5 itineraries for U.S. and International trips. These incredible 40th birthday bucket list trips will not disappoint!

In the concise words of St. Augustine, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

It is the perfect time in your life to start exploring the World. The time will never seem perfect. Busy with kids? Budget tight? Too hectic at work?

Take a well-planned, 7 day 40th birthday trip solo, with a friend or with your significant other to enrich relationships and your experiences. The investment is definitely worth it. Travel does not have to be expensive!

5 Incredible Destinations to Visit this Year

These trips are well-planned, budget friendly and offer an efficient travel schedule. Get ready to explore, adventure and see a lot during this trip!

3 Country Baltic Adventure – Finland, Estonia & Latvia
May 28th – June 6th 2020
We’re off to explore three countries that lie on the Baltic Sea! When else will you check these off your bucket list?! We’ll visit the Nordic nation of Finland and learn why it’s ranked The Happiest Place in the World! Then we’ll cross the Baltic Sea to go off the beaten path to the former Soviet Republics of Estonia and Latvia to check out these Baltic countries and their fairytale-like towns with their fascinating & beautifully preserved historic sites. Click the blue link above to get all of the details!
Travel to bucket list destinations in 2020
Dubai & Oman Road Trip
March 29th – April 4th 2020
Travel East to a new time zone to the luxurious city of Dubai in the United Emirates. Then we will Experience a desert adventure on this 5-hour safari from Dubai. Talk about epic & bucket list!…camel riding in the desert?! Click the blue link to learn more details!
Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree & Death Valley Explorer
April 1st – April 5th 2020
Epic bucket list destinations right here in America the Beautiful! Arrive in Vegas do a little exploring in Sin City, and then visit 2 of America’s most unique and dramatic landscapes in Death Valley National Park and Joshua Tree National Park. A quick 5 day action packed exploration of these scenic landscapes. Click the blue link to learn more.
Explore Ireland, Scotland & England!
July 2nd – July 11th 2020
Have you been to the UK? Have you seen more than Big Ben? This road trip travels throughout these beautiful history-filled lands. Watch the TNT show Outlander? Scotland really is this beautiful! Ireland Cliffs of Moher and a City tour of London..much more. Click the blue link to learn more!
Tour du Mont Blanc
July 25th – August 2nd 2020
A hike on the Tour du Mont Blanc through Switzerland, France and Italy. Considered one of the best in Europe and an essential hike for hiking enthusiasts. Dramatic views and charming villages. A journey for the new decade! Click the blue link to learn more!

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