Copenhagen Self-Guided Weekend Walking Tour

Copenhagen Self-Guided Weekend Walking Tour

See Copenhagen in 2 Days on Foot

Copenhagen is a wonderful place to visit on foot or by bike. I did a self-guided walking tour so that I could meander through the city at my own pace and enjoy the nooks and crannies of the cobblestone streets.  The first day I walked 6.6 miles and the second day I walked 12.5 miles to see as much as possible of this magical city.
Nyhavn 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district

Nyhavn 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district
Reasons to visit the charming city of Copenhagen. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and the most populous city with approximately 777,000 residents. It began as a Viking fishing village in the 10th Century. The water front city is situated on an Island called Zealand separate from the mainland of Denmark. It is one of the World’s most expensive cities to reside, but is ranked high among surveys for its quality of life.

Stops & Sites along the Way – Day 1

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Self-guided Walking Tour

Copenhagen Central Train Station

Stop 1 – Copenhagen Central Train Station

The first stop was the Copenhagen Central Train Station. I flew into Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, and it was a simple 25 minute train ride into the city center. The Station was built in 1911 and the architect was Heinrich Wenck. Many revisions have been made over the last Century, but it still maintains the gorgeous beams and chandeliers.
Self-Guided Walking Tour of Copenhagen

Lobby Hotel Alexandra

Stop 2 – Hotel Alexandra

I left the Train Station and passed Tivoli Gardens and walked down Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard named after the Danish author best known for his fairy tales.I checked into The Hotel Alexandra.  This conveniently located hotel has a large collection of world-famous Danish mid-century vintage furniture, and has decorated its 61 rooms with them. Combined with textiles, wallpapers and other period gems, the hotel takes you back in time to experience living like the design-loving Danes did in the 50s and 60s.

I stayed in the Hans J Wegner room. A world-renowned iconic Danish furniture designer whose style was described as organic functionality. The hotel offered a delicious traditional Danish breakfast and I loved the clean, simple, and functional design of the room.

Self-Guided Walking Tour of Copenhagen

Hotel Alexandra Copenhagen

Stop 3 – Street Scenes off of Stroget Street

Self-Guided Walking Tour Copenhagen

Bikes parked on the Street in Copenhagen
The first thing I noticed was the vibrant colors of the buildings and the huge amount of bikes being cycled and parked along the streets. Stroget is one of the main streets and is filled with chain shopping stores. It takes you to Gammeltorv which is the oldest square in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Fun facts about bikes in Copenhagen:

  • 62% of the residents commute to work on their bike
  • There are more bikes than inhabitants in the City of Copenhagen
  • The first bike path in Copenhagen was built in 1892
  • Nine out of ten people in Denmark own a bike
  • Danes cycle 1.6 km a day on average
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Stop 4 – Lunch at Restaurant Kronborg

Self-Guided Walking Tour Copenhagen

Kronborg Restaurant Traditional Danish Food
On a recommendation I walked to Kronborg Restaurant. It was perfect for traditional hearty homestyle Danish cooking & open sandwiches in a cozy old-school setting. The service was quick and efficient and the open-faced sandwich was yummy! Yes there is a piece of bread under there.

Stop 5 – Amalienborg Palace for Changing of the Guard

Self-guided Walking Tour Copenhagen

Amalienborg Castle
Amalienborg Palace is home to the Royal Danish family one of the oldest monarchies in the World. The changing of the guard happens at noon. It started to rain so I quickly made the decision to spend a couple of hours exploring the Designmuseum. There are many museums to explore, but I love Danish style and design, and wanted to check it out.
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Stop 6 – Designmuseum Dannmark

Self-guided Walking Tour Copenhagen

Designmuseum Dannmark – Eames Chairs
Self-guided Walking Tour Copenhagen

Danish Designed Housewares
The Designmuseum is a museum of art & design located close to Amalienborg Palace. The museum showcases an archive of Danish design including current and historical design trends. My favorite part was learning about how important Danish furniture design was in regard to the chair. A separate showcase room displayed Danish designed chairs from the 19th century until now. I spent 2 hours perusing the crafts, artwork and furniture.

Stop 7 – Admiring Copenhagen at Night

Self-Guided Tour Copenhagen

Night Scene Copenhagen

​Stops & Sites along the Way – Day 2


Stop 8 – Nyhavn Canal

Self Guided Walking Tour Copenhagen

Nyhavn – Canal Entertainment District in Copenhagen
Nyhavn is a 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district. I highly recommend arriving early to beat the crowds. It is the most photographed location in Copenhagen. The historical boats and colorful homes and businesses make for an excellent backdrop.

Stop 9 – ​Rundetaarn (Round Tower)

Self-guided Walking Tour Copenhagen

Round Tower
Self-guided Walking Tour Copenhagen

View from Round Tower
Round Tower is a 17th-century tower located in the central part of Copenhagen.  It is most noted for its equestrian staircase, a 7.5-turn helical corridor leading to the platform at the top at 114 feet above the ground. The staircase is perfect for climbing to see the amazing views.

Stop 10 – TorvehallerneKBH Open Air Market

Self Guided Tour Copehagen

TorvehallerneKBH Open Air Market
Self Guided Tour Copehagen

Flowers at TorvehallerneKBH

Stop 11 – In Search of Street Food at The Bridge Street Kitchen

Self Guided Walking Tour Copenhagen

The Bridge Street Kitchen
We crossed a foot bridge and landed at The Bridge Street Kitchen. We had heard about the porridge at Grod and decided to sample it.  “The ambition is to redefine porridge, and to show the world that porridge can be delicious, delicate and versatile.” My first experience eating porridge was a good one! We needed the caloric energy to keep walking. We had a few more miles to go to find a desert at our next street food destination – Reffen. 

Stop 12 – Boathouses on the Way to Reffen

Self-guided tour copenhagen

Boathouses along the route to Reffen
There are boathouses in many of the canals in Copenhagen. We stumbled upon some on the walk to Reffen. The houseboats are charming and well-maintained. After a little research we found that many of these are airbnb rentals. Here is an example of a fun option to rent Copenhagen Boat Rental.  I need to visit Copenhagen again just to stay in one for the night.

Stop 13 – Reffen Street Food for Desert

Self Guided Walking Tour Copenhagen

Sweet Treat from Bad Habit Reffen

We followed the bikers, fellow walkers and the signs to Reffen. Reffen was originally a ship yard, and the stalls are made of recycled ship containers. It is a wonderful place for locals and visitors to come together to eat, talk and enjoy the sea air.

The creative artisan vendors are offered a discount on their stall rental if they follow some guidelines:

  • Offer certified organic cuisine
  • Reduce waste
  • Offer sustainable service

We chose the stall with the longest line, about 20 people deep and ordered a sweet treat from Bad Habits. Bad Habits is a stall owned by two Italian women. Waiting in line was definitely worth it. The reward was decadent!

Other stops along the route

Copenhagen is a wonderful City to explore on foot. The sea level elevation makes walking many miles very manageable. We headed back towards the train station to catch our evening flight  to Helsinki. Other quick stops included the more well-known landmarks such as The Little Mermaid fountain, The King’s Garden and Tivoli Gardens. Some of the mileage logged on my health app includes airport mileage and walking home from the train station in Helsinki.  Biking would be fun, but the bike lanes are pretty fast moving in Copenhagen.

​Best of luck on your walking tour of Copenhagen, and I would love to hear about your experiences in my comments section. Thx! Judy

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Copenhagen Self-guided Walking Tour

Copenhagen Self-guided Walking Tour

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