Why You Should Consider Nature Travel in 2020

Are you a nature lover? Have you ever traveled for the sole purpose of experiencing nature, wildlife and the great outdoors? Consider nature travel that is specially curated for you in 2020. Why go on an Active Nature Adventure? Good for your health Lower heart disease risk with a trip focused on being active Weight-bearing…

Solo Road Trip Across America

How to Plan a 7 Day Solo U.S. Road Trip? The most important part of planning a solo U.S. road trip as a female is being FLEXIBLE with your travel plans. This road trip adventure was across the U.S. Southern states on Interstate 10 from Santa Monica, California going East to Sarasota, Florida. My week…

Nordic & Baltic Road Trip May 2020!

We’re off to explore three countries that lie on the Baltic Sea! We’ll visit the Nordic nation of Finland and learn why it’s ranked The Happiest Place in the World! Then we’ll cross the Baltic Sea to go off the beaten path to the former Soviet Republics of Estonia and Latvia to check out these Baltic countries and their fairytale-like towns with their fascinating & beautifully preserved historic sites.

Copenhagen Self-Guided Weekend Walking Tour

Copenhagen is a wonderful place to visit on foot or by bike. I did a self-guided walking tour so that I could meander through the city at my own pace and enjoy the nooks and crannies of the cobblestone streets.  The first day I walked 6.6 miles and the second day I walked 12.5 miles to see as much as possible of this magical city.

What to Pack on a Cold Adventure?

How to pack light for a cold adventure trip. What items to bring, how to layers, best brands, low cost options for gear and tips to stay dry during your trip. #adventuretravel #coldweathergear

See the World through Day Hikes

See the World through Day Hiking. See the most beautiful places, take fabulous photography, learn how to plan the hike, elevation, types of trails and more.