Why You Should Consider Nature Travel in 2020

Are you a nature lover? Have you ever traveled for the sole purpose of experiencing nature, wildlife and the great outdoors? Consider nature travel that is specially curated for you in 2020. Why go on an Active Nature Adventure? Good for your health Lower heart disease risk with a trip focused on being active Weight-bearing…

Sun & Snow Weekend Getaway in Palm Springs

How to spend a weekend getaway in Palm Springs. Enjoy the sun & Snow in one weekend. Take the aerial tramway to San Jacinto Mountain. Tips on what to do in Palm Springs in the Winter season. Spend the morning on a mountain hiking in snow, and an afternoon by the resort pool.

Savvy Tips for Visiting Popular National Parks

Tips for planning a trip to The National Parks. Use these 3 tips for each of these 10 popular parks as a guide for planning day hikes, where to camp, what to see and do in each of these Western U.S. National Parks

10 Things I Learned Camping during Midlife

After a week of sleeping in a tent in all types of weather conditions, I am here to tell you that camping is not for wimps, scaredy-cats or people who don’t like to get dirty. Camping is for people who appreciate nature’s most stunning views, getting disconnected from electronics, feeling empowered and enjoy good old-fashion…

How to Experience Italy Like a Local

1.  Visit Rome, Florence, Amalfi & the uber popular tourist areas during shoulder season.  If you do go during high season, plan on starting at the crack of dawn. If you start the day past 10 a.m.  it will be you and a sea of selfie sticks. April through mid-June and September through October are the shoulder…

See the World through Day Hikes

See the World through Day Hiking. See the most beautiful places, take fabulous photography, learn how to plan the hike, elevation, types of trails and more.

4 Amazing Days in Banff National Park

How to visit Banff National Park in Alberta Canada. A 4-5 day itinerary when visiting this magical National Park. Where to hike, best photo opps, where to stay and much more #nationalparks #dayhiking #banff