What to Pack on a Cold Adventure?

What to Pack on a Cold Adventure?

Judy Hughes Adventure Travel Iceland

Iceland Black Sand Beach
Judy Hughes Adventure Travel iceland

Denali National Park
This Southern California girl knows how to keep warm and dry in cold destinations.

Most important is staying dry. I wear the following quick drying pieces to accomplish this:

Gear is expensive. If adventure trips are something you want to continue to pursue, there are great sale items online. I always look at the ratings. REI is a bit more expensive, but has the benefit of returns for up to a year. Yes, you can return items up to a year if you join the Co-op for $20 even if they have been worn. I returned a backpack that was not comfortable after 2 hikes. They also have a REI Garage Sale at their stores where they sell these items.
If you want to buy used items there are many options to buy 2nd hand high quality items. I have had luck on Ebay and Gear Trade.  Happy Shopping!
Going on a tropical adventure trip?
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